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Yahijah SHANEL King - Owner of Shanel's Closet

Marcus/TNZ definitely exceeded my expectations.Given the fact that my business is in it's beginning stages.He provided his Tutelage and oversight where necessary while still giving me the free reign to execute and input as I desired.Organization and Communication Skills were definitely up to par.I was very satisfied with the quality of work received.My Photos/Logo were edited to my exact liking and provided to me within 3 days.Marcus work speaks for itself and with the utmost regard I highly recommend him for all of your photography/designs needs.



Miami, Florida

Trivia Glaze Williams - H&M Enterprises of Miami

Hello all I have had the experience to be able to assist TNZ as well as be a customer. TNZ has truly blessed me in so many ways but servicing referees of mine. They have been nothing but kind to them. TNZ has an awesome array of talent. They have great ideas and All of my friends have been very satisfied to have used their service.  TNZ have done my wedding, my  reception, my business logo, and cards. I love 
TNZ and will use them until the day I die. I love you TNZ not just because you are my favorite cousin but because you are the example of what a business is suppose to be. Thank you for all you do. 





Ms. Trivia Glaze Williams

Miami, Florida

Donald Machacon - Green Realty Properties Inc.

.I contacted Marcus Fowler of TNZ productions for employment profile pictures. Marcus was and is a
professional!! The work to detail, time, and overall product was amazing. Highly recommend him and
will continue to do so.

Donald Machacon, Realtor

Green Realty Properties Inc.

5556 S. Flamingo Rd.

Cooper City, Fl 33330

Cell: 786-342-4177



Cooper City, Fl

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Jeffery & Kiwani Murray

I hired TNZ to do my engagement photo shoot, as well as my wedding photos in 2015. I can't say enough about how pleased I was with the way TNZ handled the biggest occasion of my life. Your professionalism goes immeasurable! Your creativity is unmatched. Your passion for what you do was so evident. You have given myself and Mr. Murray the best memories, and I will forever be indebted to you for sacrificing your tine and talent on your birthday! You didn't have to do it, but you did. May TNZ forever reap from what you have sown. Be blessed.

Miami Florida

David Celetha Riley

Our family & ministry has had the opportunity to work with TNZ Productions & Marcus Fowler for several years. Our experiences have been nothing less than the best. TNZ has helped us bring smiles to many faces, we recommended them often. Thank you for being apart of our family. We appreciate your services greatly . Prophet/Pastor David & Celetha Riley The Temple of Faith Ministries

Miami, Florida


Working with TNZ is one of the best photo Companies in the South Florida. Their Services are Class A. They are great reacting to people and easy to get along with. They make your events Comfortable. They adjust themselves to accommodate You and your events. They Communications by being hands on.....with no delays.....and quick turn around time of responding. My Experience with TNZ is that I trust their work and the ideas to bring your ideas to life as a dream come true.. Thank TNZ for all you have done... it's a honor to support your company


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Ms Virgina Lindsey

TNZ is nothing less than professional and friendly. Top notch service at its best. I am always satisfied with the quality of work they produce. I'm treated like a V.I.P. client every time I use them. I simply express my vision and they brilliantly make it a reality. Style, tack and class. Thank you TNZ for you ROCK!!!!

Fort Walton Beach, Florida

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