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Marcus J Fowler CEO & President



First and foremost, thank you for visiting me here at TNZ Media. It means you connected or noticed something that made you interested in my work. This is the very essence of why I have come to love Photography, Videography and custom Designs. The human connections and emotions we evoke through still shots, candid moments, company visions, celebratory presentations and portrait settings are the motivating components in creating these keepsakes and life time memories for you, your friends and family..


I grew up with some interest in the arts. Never knew I would become so connected with people through photography, videography and designs. My father, a tire serviceman, provided me with shelter and the essentials to ensure a full education with a fair chance at success. I learned to appreciate hard work, dedication, loyalty and self motivation. After graduating with my associates degree in digital media, I fell in love with the way photographs can provide a visual memory of our world. I also learned to love the artistry behind photography, and without s doubt, I found myself addicted to the craft. 


Most days you will find me spending time at my desk building my skills through tutorials or client projects. I take photos, create videos and design logos along with flyers because I love it. After being acknowledged and nominated for multiple awards in the industry I feel pretty grateful to have a career that I am truly passionate about in my coming of age. 

I hope to capture moments in both my everyday life, and yours. I am always completely humbled by this career and every opportunity that is given to me. With years of mentorship, certified classes and college degrees to include a list of satisfied customers, I promise that if you invite me into your world, your vision or dreams, I will do my very best to capture those moments that you will cherish forever! 

For all package and event pricing please visit the above menus provided for you. Contact me below for immediate service and inquires. With so much more to offer I would love to hear from you soon in the near future. Until then, continue to browse and enjoy this site created just for you. SEE YOU SOON. Let the Experience begin!!!

In Loving Memory of,

Mr. Keone Lewis Redd, Always and Forever.

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